Experience And Results For Federal And State Taxation Matters

At Stone Crosby, P.C., several of our lawyers have an extensive background in business matters and commercial transactions. Our firm is positioned to assist clients in a wide range of corporate and tax-related matters, from initial organization and capitalization of a business venture to mergers and acquisitions and beyond.

Thanks to our involvement at both the audit and collection state, our clients have enjoyed a great deal of success in reducing the size of potential income, payroll and estate tax assessments and in negotiating compromised settlements with the IRS. We have also successfully argued on our clients' behalf for the reduction or elimination of both interest and penalties.

We are dedicated to providing responsive, personalized business and commercial transaction services to our clients in all areas of taxation and business planning. If your goal is to minimize taxes and maximize profits, put our experienced counsel to work for your business or individual needs. We offer the utmost quality and dedication to clients throughout Alabama. Contact us today.