Resolving Disputes Through Complex Mediation, Arbitration And Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are disputes that can be more effectively and efficiently resolved without resorting to litigation. In addition, some disputes are required to be resolved outside the traditional court system when required by contract.

The commercial and business litigation attorneys at Stone Crosby, P.C., have experience in representing clients in mediations, arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution. Our experience includes:

  • Construction disputes
  • Business disputes
  • Trust dissolutions
  • Personal injury claims
  • Product claims
  • Wrongful death
  • Will contests
  • Commercial transactions
  • Domestic and family law matters
  • Class actions
  • Estates

Mediation Services Of Sam Crosby

For the past 19 years, Sam Crosby has been recognized as a premier mediator, well known for his legal, analytical and conciliation skills. He has successfully conducted hundreds of mediations throughout south Alabama, including many complex, high-profile cases. In a recent mediation, Mr. Crosby assisted parties in settling all claims in nine separate jury trials on the dockets of five different circuit judges.

Mr. Crosby's mediation services have included civil cases in virtually every area of the law except bankruptcy law, securities law and family law.

In a difficult, high-profile case resolved in a mediation conducted by Mr. Crosby in February 2010, the circuit judge included the following in her order, "...the Court, all parties and all counsel are grateful for Sam Crosby's extraordinary services as mediator in assisting the parties in reaching a settlement in this complex and protracted dispute. Mr. Crosby exhibited wisdom, patience, professionalism and determination in working with the parties and their counsel."

Mediation Services Of Brian Chunn

Brian Chunn is a certified mediator who has a thriving mediation practice in the area of family law. The Baldwin County circuit judges regularly appoint him to handle many of the difficult family law cases in the Baldwin County court system.

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