Fraud, Whistleblowers And Qui Tam Law Claims

Issues arising out of insurance policies, annuities, brokerage accounts, and other financial and insurance products are becoming more frequent and more costly. These issues require experienced review and analysis.

Stone Crosby, P.C., provides clients with legal representation in these business and commercial litigation matters. Contact us for help with issues that involve:

  • Fraud claims
  • Claims in connection with insurance policies and other insurance products
  • Claims in connection with annuities
  • Claims involving brokerage accounts
  • Claims involving retirement and savings plans and plan management

Whistleblowers And Qui Tam law

Whistleblowers (people who come forward about illegal activity or wrongdoing) play a vital role in taking action against fraud. Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers are not only protected, but also can be rewarded for bringing to light claims that help the government stop fraud and recover funds.

Our firm is equipped to handle these complex cases for individuals and businesses facing fraud claims. If you are struggling to assert your rights or protect yourselves from legal action, contact our office.