The Sleeping Juror - Mr. Crosby's book 2002

In 2002, the Alabama Law Foundation (a 501c nonprofit corporation which is the charitable arm of the Alabama State Bar) published the book The Sleeping Juror written by Sam Crosby. All proceeds from the book are being used to fund Kids' Chance Scholarships for children of totally disabled Alabama workers and to help provide legal services to indigent Alabama residents. As of February 4, 2003, over $22,000 had been raised by the Alabama Law Foundation from this project. The book is a compilation of funny court tales and local court history.

Authors Winston Groom and Morris Dees shared these opinions of the book.

"My own work as an author grows out of an abiding interest in history. Accounts of local history,
especially when written in a way that animates the characters and vividly recalls the events from the era reflected, are a prize to read. This is such a book. Lawyers in Baldwin County and throughout the country will want a copy of The Sleeping Juror to spice up their casebook shelves."

Winston Groom- Author of Forrest Gump

"In The Sleeping Juror, Sam Crosby provides not only an invaluable historical record of the courts of Baldwin County, Alabama, but a tale full of hilarious antics that have taken place in those courts. The judges and attorneys, both famous and infamous, who have made their appearances in Baldwin County over the years are in evidence here, making Crosby's well-researched account a must-read for local history buffs and collectors of courtroom humor both in the county and throughout the state. The author's respect for the court system and the legal profession is clear on every page. His writing reflects not only his keen sense of humor but, more importantly, his true love of people and his full understanding of human nature. The ultimate value of this book is that it could serve as the saga of any legal system in any county in any state in the country. The fact that all sales proceeds will be used by the Alabama Law Foundation to provide scholarships to Alabama students and to provide legal services to indigent Alabama citizens makes this work a particularly good investment for any reader."

Morris Dees -Author of Hate On Trial

Copies of The Sleeping Juror may be obtained for $15 from The Alabama Law Foundation, P. O. Box 671, Montgomery, Alabama 36101-0671. Or contact Tracy Daniel at 1-334-269-1515, or in Alabama 1-800-354-6154. Or email Ms. Daniel at