Alabama Child Support Laws

Alabama Child Support Laws

Parents throughout the country have an obligation to provide financial support for their children until they can support themselves. Alabama is no different. This state requires parents to provide child support until the child is 19 years of age, in most cases. It is important to be aware that some circumstances will require parents to continue supporting the child for several years after and even through college years. Determining child support is often one of the more difficult matters for parents to address as they go through a divorce.

There are many factors taken into consideration when determining child support. In Alabama, the court uses the income shares model to determine an appropriate child support obligation for the parents. Some of the many factors that are taken into consideration in addition to the income shares model when making this decision may include the following:

  • College expenses that may have incurred prior to the child’s 19th birthday
  • Assets or income that is received by the child for their own employment
  • The need for reimbursement for the cost of transportation to abide by visitation requirements
  • Periods of visitation that exceed the norm and have approved or ordered by the court

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