Can I receive damages after a truck accident?

Can I receive damages after a truck accident?

Motor vehicle accidents can occur due to a variety of situations that may create an unsafe situation, leading to a collision. When trucks are involved in these accidents, it can cause even greater effects. Since trucks are bigger than the average motor vehicle, they may cause more damage during an accident. The mass of these trucks is so large, making serious injuries more common. If you are a victim of an accident with a truck, you may wish to seek liability to receive damages. These damages can be in the form of economic or non-economic damages. Economic damages can help cover the cost of medical bills that have been charged due to the injuries you suffered from as a result of the truck accident. Compensation from economic damages can also cover the cost of lost wages or lost future wages. Since you may be out of work while your injuries heal, this can be helpful. Non-economic damages can add up due to emotional turmoil that you have suffered from as a result of the accident. This can include pain and suffering from your injuries.

What can contribute to truck accidents?

Truck drivers are operating these vehicles as part of their job. They have specific regulations to follow in order to operate their trucks in the safest manner. Since these individuals have long hours behind the wheel, they can become weary from driving so much. This can cause them to drive in an unsafe manner. They must only drive for a limited number of hours to prevent them from driving while they are tired. Driving while tired can cause them to fall asleep at the wheel, creating accidents. These drivers need to make sure they do not drive past a limited amount of hours for the day and the week. Their hours driving are limited and monitored to make sure they are getting enough rest.

These big trucks have blind spots due to their size, causing them to miss sight of another vehicle nearby. This can contribute to an accident. If a car is switching lanes, they may not realize that the truck driver cannot see them. By being unaware of these vehicles in their vicinity, trucks are more inclined to collide with them. The size of a truck also contributes to a heavier mass. This is significant since it can affect their ability to stop the vehicle in a timely manner.  These trucks need more time and space to make a complete stop since it takes their heavier vehicle more time to completely stop. If they are speeding and have to stop in a short amount of space, they may wind up hitting a car in front of them, creating an accident and possible injuries as a result.

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