Can I seek legal action after a pedestrian accident?

Can I seek legal action after a pedestrian accident?

The streets can seem chaotic at times. When there are multiple cars on the road, people walking along sidewalks and cyclists riding about, it can be difficult to be aware of everyone in the surrounding area. During these situations, pedestrian accidents may be more able to occur. As motor vehicles zoom past, pedestrians may not be seen. These scenes can quickly become dangerous for a pedestrian. If a driver is not aware of a pedestrian crossing the road, they can strike the pedestrian, causing terrible injuries or even death. These situations are very serious. The driver can face legal action for their negligence in these cases.  If a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the pedestrian has the right to file a lawsuit against the driver. If the driver failed to do their part in creating a safe driving environment, they may be held liable for this situation. They should be practicing safe driving habits and not be distracted in any way. There are specific rules in place where cars have to yield to pedestrians. If cars fail to yield in these specific settings, they may hit a pedestrian. This can cause a pedestrian to be gravely injured. The driver should be held responsible for the failure to abide by the proper rules of the road for pedestrian safety.

When can pedestrians be harmed by a car?

On the road, people can become impatient. Drivers may have somewhere to go and they want to get there fast. They may be speeding or not paying attention to others around them. This can cause an accident to occur. Pedestrians can be harmed in a variety of situations that involve driver negligence. A driver can be distracted by their cell phone, speeding or committing another traffic violation. They may be held responsible for the accident that occurred if their driving is found to be negligent. Negligent driving that can lead to pedestrian accidents can also include reckless or careless driving and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If a driver has committed one of these wrongs when they injured you, they can be proven to be negligent and held responsible.

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