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What to do After Being Injured by a Drunk Driver

Drunk driving is one of our nation’s worst killers. Thousands of people are killed by drunk drivers every single year. When people drink and drive, their motor skills, as well as decision-making skills are impaired, leading to some of the most gruesome and violent car accidents. Those involved in these accidents are usually severely injured, […]

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Recovering Compensation After a Restaurant Accident in Alabama

Restaurant employees work as hard as anybody. If they’re not taking orders, they’re either cooking, serving food, cleaning, and more. Very often, restaurant workers must handle several different responsibilities at once, which further contributes to the often hectic environment. Unfortunately, employers do not always show the same level of concern regarding their employees’ safety as […]

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Can Injured Passengers Sue?

Passengers, rather obviously, are at the mercy of the driver. If your driver is ever being unsafe, you should not be afraid to speak out and politely tell him or her to slow down. There are few things scarier than driving with a careless or aggressive driver. When your driver crashes and you are injured […]

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