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The Importance of Drafting a Will in Alabama

When an individual is thinking about their future, it is important that they take certain precautions for the time after they are no longer with us. There are a number of different components that should be taken into consideration when it comes time to plan one’s estate. One of the most important factors in creating a comprehensive […]

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What are grounds for divorce in Alabama?

Divorce is never pleasant. It is a stressful time in which parties hope to quickly move on to a better situation. In order to get a divorce in Alabama, a person must provide some evidence to support the need. When filing a divorce complaint, the plaintiff must cite something called ground for the divorce. Throughout history, […]

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Spousal Support in Alabama

Couples that realize their marriage is no longer working often make the decision to get divorced. During a divorce, many different issues may have to be addressed. When one spouse financially supports the other during the marriage, the dependent spouse may feel as though they are entitled to an alimony award. Alimony is simply the […]

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Alabama Divorce Mediation

If you are going to get a divorce, it is important to consider your options. Jumping into litigation is not always the answer. Alabama, like many other states, provides alternatives to court. When a couple can work out their differences and come to an agreement, most couples are happier with the results. One way to […]

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Why do I need a will?

Estate planning is an important part of life. Everyone should consider creating a will that can set a mechanism for their estate when they pass. A will is a testamentary document that details certain aspects of the future of an estate, including beneficiaries and a person to carry out the directions of the will. Regardless […]

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