George Irvine Named Fellow of Alabama Law Foundation

George Irvine Named Fellow of Alabama Law Foundation

George R. Irvine III has become a fellow of the Alabama Law Foundation. At the start of every year, the Alabama Law Foundation selects Alabama Bar members who have shown outstanding dedication to their profession and their community by inviting them to become “Fellows.” The Fellows program was established in 1995 to honor Alabama Bar members for outstanding service and commitment. Since no more than 1% of bar members are invited into fellowship, the selection committee chooses new members from an exceptional group of lawyers. President Board of Trustees of the Alabama Law Foundation Joe Fawal explains, “The Fellows of the Alabama Law Foundation are selected from the ranks of the Alabama State Bar and represent our brightest and best. The fact that they are selected is in and of itself an honor. But the contribution that they make in defense of the poor in civil matters in Alabama is a much greater honor.”

The fellows that were accepted are listed here.

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