How Can I Notarize Estate Plan Documents Under Social Distancing Orders?

How Can I Notarize Estate Plan Documents Under Social Distancing Orders?

When creating an estate plan, part of doing so requires several documents to be notarized or witnessed by others. Usually, this is as simple as going to a notary public and having the documents signed in front of others. However, the current Coronavirus pandemic has the state of Alabama living under social distancing orders. This can make notarizing and witnessing documents difficult, but it is not impossible. Continue reading to learn more and retain the services of an experienced Alabama estate planning attorney to guide you through preparing your estate.

How Do I Notarize a Document?

If you must have a document notarized or witnessed during the Coronavirus pandemic, you must get together with your witnesses to have it signed. It is crucial that this is done safely and by the social distancing guidelines set by the CDC. This can be made possible by participating in “window-separated signings,” as recommended by the National Notary Association. These signings can take place in a variety of locations that allow all parties involved to keep a window between them. A popular choice is parking lots. During this time, they must be able to communicate through sight and sound while also keeping the following in mind:

  • Notaries must follow all federal, state, and local guidelines for social distancing, health protection, and sanitization
  • The signer must provide their identification to the Notary to view and inspect. It must be possessed by the Notary, not simply viewed through the window. 

When you and your witnesses are finished, the documents can be exchanged. It is important that this is done while still socially distancing. This can be done by leaving them in one place, such as the hood of the car, and staying six feet away while retrieving them. After the process is completed, be sure to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.

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