How do I Know if my Will is Valid in Alabama?

How do I Know if my Will is Valid in Alabama?


As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, the state of Alabama and the rest of the country is living in times of great uncertainty. The circumstances have changed the way people live their lives, unsure of what may happen tomorrow. It is because of this that it is important to have a thorough estate plan updated and handy. Part of this plan can include a written will. When a will is created, it must follow specific guidelines in order for it to be considered valid. The new way of life caused by the Coronavirus can make it difficult to abide by these guidelines, but not impossible. Continue reading to learn more and contact a Alabama estate planning attorney. 

How Do I Know if a Will is Valid?

The guidelines that must be followed in order for a will to be valid in Alabama are as follows:

  •  The individual who writes the will is of sound mind and body 
  • Two witnesses can attest to the individual’s mental capacities and be present for the signing
  • The witnesses must confirm they saw the document signed and may be required to sign it themselves

How Do I Use Witnesses Under Social Distancing Rules? 

With stay-at-home orders and social distancing rules in place, it can be difficult to have witnesses present while signing estate documents. However, it is not impossible to do so. It simply just must be done differently. As recommended by the National Notary Association people can participate in “window-separated singings.” This can be done in a variety of locations that allow people to keep a window between them while signing the documents, such as a parking lot in separate vehicles. When the documents are signed, all federal, state, and local guidelines for social distancing, health protection, and sanitization must be followed. This consists of exchanging documents six feet apart by leaving them where they can be retrieved. All participants must also thoroughly wash and sanitize their hands afterwards as well.

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