How do I Prepare my Estate Plan for a Divorce in Alabama?

It is crucial for all people who have an estate plan to update it after major life events. This can include situations of divorce. In preparing for a divorce, there are many ways that people can prepare their estate plan as well. Continue reading to learn more and contact an experienced Alabama estate planning attorney […]

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What is Intestate Succession in Alabama?

One of the hardest times in a person’s life is losing a loved one. On top of grief, there are various matters that are required to be handled after the fact as well. In the event that a loved one dies without a valid will, they are known as dying intestate. These situations can often […]

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How is the Process of Probate Conducted in Alabama?

When a person passes away, they may have an estate plan left behind that must be taken care of. Part of doing so, if the decedent has a will, is the process of probate. Probate exists to determine if a will is valid in order to ensure the deceased’s last wishes are ready to be […]

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What Are The Truths Behind Estate Planning Myths?

Certain misconceptions that surround the notion of estate planning can often deter a person from choosing to create their own. However, having an estate plan is extremely important and everyone should have one. Continue reading below to learn about the truths behind the most common estate planning myths. A Will Oversees All of My Asset […]

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