The Importance of Drafting a Will in Alabama

The Importance of Drafting a Will in Alabama

When an individual is thinking about their future, it is important that they take certain precautions for the time after they are no longer with us. There are a number of different components that should be taken into consideration when it comes time to plan one’s estate. One of the most important factors in creating a comprehensive estate plan is the process of drafting a will. A will is a testamentary document that allows an individual to declare how they want their estate to be handled upon their passing.

A will is important for individuals of all financial backgrounds. One does not need to have a lavish lifestyle to have a comprehensive estate plan. Possessions of all value can be included in a will. This can bring great peace to oneself as well as their family in the difficult period of time after passing.

In Alabama, a will must meet certain criteria in order to be considered valid. The requirements are as follows. The will must be:

  • In writing
  • Signed by the testator
  • The testator must be “of sound mind and body”
  • Witnessed by two individuals who can acknowledge the testator’s capacity and understand that they are at a will signing

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