What are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

What are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

Couples going through a divorce often seek alternative methods that do not require them to go to court. While it may not be possible for all couples, it can be beneficial for others. Alternative methods allow couples to discuss their marital issues on their own without a judge. One method of divorce that common amongst couples is mediation.

The process of mediation gives spouses the chance to work together to negotiate the terms of their divorce. With the help of an unbiased mediator instead of a judge, the couples are able to make decisions themselves. In mediation, spouses discuss any marital issues that have not yet been resolved. The mediator listens to both sides and assists the spouses in reaching decisions that work best for them and their family. Topics of discussion in mediation may include child custody, child support, the division of assets, and alimony.

Benefits of Mediation

There are numerous benefits to couples using mediation instead of a divorcing through litigation. When a couple sets their terms in mediation, they often feel better about reaching the end of their relationship amicably. The benefits of mediation may include:

  • Control: With a divorce through litigation, a judge makes decisions about a couple’s marital issues. Mediation gives the spouses control and lets them make their own decisions about the terms of their divorce.
  • Confidentiality: Mediation is confidential. Neither spouse or the third party involved can share information spoken about during mediation or use it against one another. This allows spouses to be open and honest with one another.
  • Speed: Mediation can be quicker than other methods of divorce. How long it lasts may depend on the couple and how many marital issues must be resolved.
  • Cost: Unlike divorcing through litigation, mediation is cost-friendly. Divorce through litigation can become expensive for the couple as well as the state of Alabama.
  • Choice: Couples are given the option to participate in mediation. It is not required, but a voluntary process that allows spouses to reach decisions on their own.
  • Family: When a couple uses mediation, it usually benefits any family involved. Trials can often be hostile, while mediation allows for healthy conversations. This is beneficial for families with children.

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