What is mediation?

What is mediation?

Mediation is a way for spouses to resolve issues when deciding to get a divorce. For these couples, they are trying to avoid the courtroom and litigation proceedings. Through mediation, couples can meet with a neutral third party known as a mediator. The mediator is there to help conversation focus on being constructive and reaching a resolution for certain marital issues. For these meetings, both spouses are able to bring their attorneys in addition to this mediator. All parties should be willing to cooperate.

What should I expect the process to be like?

In order to gather information for mediation, financial documents need to be ready so that they can be discussed during the meetings. Make sure to go over your cares and concerns regarding the divorce so that you are guaranteed that all your wishes are being addressed during your sessions with your spouse and the third party. A Settlement Agreement will be made to outline all the topics that were discussed and the outcomes decided upon. Upon completion of mediation, the outcome can still result in the formal divorce of the couple.

Why is mediation beneficial?

There are many benefits to the process of mediation. Since the process is not done in a courtroom during litigation, it is more private for couples. Spouses can avoid drama that may result from litigation, which can make child custody arrangements easier to maintain.

Since a judge will not be making decisions on factors involved in a couple’s divorce, the spouses will be able to have more control over the final resolutions that are being made. This may be able to provide them with a more satisfied feeling regarding child custody, support or alimony.

Mediation is done at the pace that the couple wants it to be done at. They may take as long as they need or opt to do it in a quicker manner. This can help the couple move onward with their lives. Also, it may be able to limit attorney fees and legal costs. Due to this, mediation may also prove to be less costly than divorce involving litigation.

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