What to do After Being Injured by a Drunk Driver

What to do After Being Injured by a Drunk Driver

Drunk driving is one of our nation’s worst killers. Thousands of people are killed by drunk drivers every single year. When people drink and drive, their motor skills, as well as decision-making skills are impaired, leading to some of the most gruesome and violent car accidents. Those involved in these accidents are usually severely injured, which is why they need financial compensation to help cover the cost of any damages they have incurred. If you are the unfortunate victim of a drunk driving accident, please read on and reach out to our firm so you can learn more about your potential legal options going forward:

How do I sue a drunk driver?

If you were injured in an accident, you are most likely now looking to sue the motorist responsible. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can drastically boost your chances of winning a personal injury claim. Your attorney will work to gather and present various types of evidence to prove that your injuries were caused by another party’s negligence; in this case, a drunk driver. To prove your claim, your attorney will use surveillance footage of the accident, pictures of the accident, police reports documenting the incident, medical records detailing the severity of your injuries, witness testimony confirming your claim, and more.

What is the dram shop law in Alabama?

Dram shop laws are created to hold negligent bars, restaurants, or any other establishment that sells alcohol accountable for overserving, or wrongly serving certain patrons. In Alabama, the dram shop law prohibits vendors from selling alcohol to minors and to patrons who are already visibly intoxicated. If someone continues serving a patron who is obviously drunk and then that person drives home and causes an accident, the establishment that served the patron may also be sued for negligence.

What is the statute of limitations in Alabama?

The statute of limitations in Alabama is two years. This means that you will have two years from the date of your accident to file a personal injury claim against a negligent drunk driver. If you do not file your claim within the allotted period of time, you will most likely be barred from suing. Do not let this happen. Our firm is ready to help and get the claims process started.

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